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Forest app with integrated satellite monitoring

Let the big picture guide your decisions

Why ForestMan Is Special

Best forest data

Application has integrated access to available forestry data and maps

Estonia and Latvia

One app for both Estonia and Latvia. Manage your forests and share forestry data with your partners.

Integrated satellite monitoring

ForestRadar technology for satellite-based clear-cut detection and monitoring.


Forest management

Plan and manage cutting or selling activities.

Integrated data flow

Be equipped with your forest data from inventory, owners and address.

Geopositioning on field

Know exactly where you are in the forest: use GPS-position and navigation.

On-map notes

Add notes to forest map e.g. for marking down road closure.

Cadastre and compartment borders

Know your borders and stay inside of them or draw compartment borders.

Accurate change detection

Order monitoring for all or some of your forest plots straight from the app.


Android mobile app available!

Forestman website is easy to use both in computers, tablets and mobile phones. Click in order to log in.


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1 user

Yearly cost 120€

Prepayment for one year

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1 user

Yearly cost 96€

Prepayment for one year

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